Writing: What it means to me (Short)

Well, I guess I’ll start off with why I love to write. For starters, I’m deeply passionate about putting pen to paper or fingers to keys. I don’t think it’s so much I love writing, it’s that I feel I have to write. This passion has been with me since I was a young lad growing up in the small, quiet and unobtrusive town of Hemmingford, Quebec. Back then I was always writing short stories on my experiences with video games, most notably The Legend of Zelda. (I would even create my own scenarios about how Link would defeat Ganon and save the princess.)

In high school my love for writing grew fonder, and it was noticeable in my work. I know teachers always say less is more in an effort to teach the importance of being clear and concise, but if I was given a 500-word writing assignment, you could be sure I’d write twice that. The main reason being that I was always going with more complex topics. This began in elementary school public speaking—while everyone else would speak about their love of firetrucks or baseball, I’d be explaining an overview of World War II.

While I had aspirations in high school of becoming an author, our dreams don’t always turn out the way we want them to. After college, life and work took over, and I stopped writing altogether. Two years ago I decided to start focusing on my writing again, and soon realized how much I’d forgotten in a few short years; especially in regards to punctuation. If I had joined this community three years ago, my run-on sentences may have made you cringe harder than seeing a family member in a bukkake video. (That’s how bad I was.) I see this, though, as the joy of writing—learning something new each and every day. I strive to better myself in this creative field with each passing day.

Finally, writing has been a godsend, of sorts, for me. Much like my bass guitar, it’s been a tremendous positive outlet for me to express my feelings. As someone who has dealt with anxiety, panic attacks and general unhappiness for the last several years, writing gives me something to focus on; it’s a distraction from negative thoughts, and makes me feel like I’m doing something constructive at the same time. In fact, I find I do some of my best work when emotions come into play, especially when angered or inebriated, and would like to know if others also find this to be the case.

As for what I’m doing these days, I’ve rekindled my passion for writing Movie and Gaming reviews. I’ve even broadened my tastes and jumped onto every day stories that surround us here in the real world. Keeping the mind occupied is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves.